Municipal Advocacy

In the event development services are not required, Serra can serve as the extension of a municipal staff, reporting to indicated staff members or elected officials, to handle critical project functions necessary to ensure:

  • Accurate scheduling and monitoring to ensure on-time project completion
  • Competitive contractor and subcontractor bidding
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Reviewing and verifying all initial and ongoing cost estimating and budgeting
  • Change order review
  • Minority participation
  • Job training and ‘second chance’ or other similar program inclusion

Vendor Selection and Contract Review
Fair and competitive bidding is paramount to establish budgets, expectations and allocating responsibility. Properly documenting selected vendors work with contracts that accurately reflect and assign responsibilities, risk, compensation, shared (if appropriate) savings, etc. is imperative and is a key determinant in ensuring that all costs can be tracked, and allowances and exclusions are identified and monitored to the benefit of the municipality. It is imperative that the project scope be properly identified and that bidders are carefully screened, and critical contract terms are included as partial basis for awarding contracts. Serra can help develop the bidding process, advise the municipality’s responsible parties as to the pros and cons of certain contractual elements and be as involved in negotiations as the municipality requires. P3 projects where a contractor’s related party funds all project costs have value, but we need to ensure that turnkey type situations are involve best practices and fair market terms.  

Auditing and Accounting
Serra can serve as a third-party monitor for all budgets and draws and ensure all draw documentation is timely, complete and all inspections and verifications are properly performed and documented. Serra will also flag potential issues with improper and accelerated billings for fees and general conditions, reimbursables, etc.   

Project Management
Serra possesses project management capabilities for large projects. If advisable to bring in a large third-party project management firm for unique or complicated projects, Serra can supervise the entity on behalf of the municipality Serra could assist the City by overseeing project meetings and developing reporting protocols for the City and other federal, state or County agencies. Serra will also oversee any third-party inspectors who work on behalf of the municipality.

Minority Participation and Job Training
Serra averages close to 50% minority participation on its projects, and we seek to enforce high levels of local contractor involvement and ensure minority firms participate as indicated or desired by the municipality. We also can assist in creating job training programs and fully involving ‘second chance’ or other participants.